Welcome to the Bahrain Domain Registry

.bh is the country code for the Kingdom of Bahrain and the national domain of Bahrain. .bh is operated by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Why .bh?

A .bh domain clearly showcases you are from Bahrain or offer services designed for users in Bahrain.

  • .bh is more than just a domain name. It differentiates your brand from generic addresses, letting your audience know, Bahrain is where you’re from and where you are at
  • A .bh domain connects local business with the global community
  • A .bh domain is a badge of national pride

.bh and البحرين. are now globally available – Get yours now!

Launch timeline:

Sunrise for Trademark holders

3rd November 2021
to 2nd January 2022

Launch of Grandfathering Phase

3rd November 2021
to 3rd May 2022

General Availability (Local)

2nd January 2022
to 3rd May 2022

General Availability (International)

3rd May 2022

The phased launch ensures that local administrative bodies, trademark holders, corporations and individuals will have the opportunity to obtain their names before .bh opens to international registrants.