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Who manages the Bahrain Registry?

Under the Ministerial Resolution, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (‘TRA’) has been appointed to manage the Bahrain Registry.

What is the TRA's role in the Registry?

The TRA is the manager, administrator of all the Top Level Domain names assigned to the Kingdom of Bahrain. This includes ccTLD .BH and subdomains such,,, etc and the assigned Internationalized Domain Name: .ALBAHRAIN البحرين.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a part of an address that you type in your browser to get to a placeholder on the internet. The address you type in your browser is called an URL. You can think of a domain name as a means to create postal addresses that you manage yourself. Those addresses are then used to uniquely identify a digital address on the internet.

What is the difference between a domain name and a URL?

URL stands for Uniform Resource Location. By using a URL like you are using the domain to get to the placeholder for

What is a TLD?

TLD stands for Top Level Domain.

Who is eligible to register a domain?

The top-level .bh and the IDN .albahrain are open to the public for registration. Under .bh there are the following subdomains with different eligibility criteria according to the regulations:

com.bhBusinesses (globally)
net.bhTelecommunications and information technology service providers registered in Bahrain
info.bhInformation provision services in Bahrain
edu.bhEducational institutes operating in Bahrain
biz.bhBusinesses registered in Bahrain
org.bhOrganizations licensed in Bahrain
cc.bhBusinesses registered in Bahrain, me.bhNatural persons (citizens or residents) in Bahrain

What is WHOIS?

Whois is an Internet service and protocol that searches and displays information pertaining to a domain name from repositories of domain name registrars worldwide. This allows for anyone to search for a particular domain and access the records associated with that domain name registration.

Where does the domain holder's registration data appear?

The public accessible WHOIS server will accessible over WHOIS protocol and also accessible over

What data is displayed to the domain owner?

The WHOIS data will always be redacted (unless the disclose flag is used).

What is a registry?

A registry is the database of all domain names registered under a given TLD or subzone within the TLD such as

What is a registrar?

Registrars are organizations accredited and certified by the registries to sell domain names.

What is a registrant?

A domain name registrant is a person or organization that is recorded in the registry database which is entitled to use a registered domain name. A registrant is also sometimes called the ‘Registered Holder’.

How to become a registrar?

Login into your CentralNic console and sign the RRA as you would for any other TLD. Please note that there is a registrar accreditation fee that will be invoiced upon execution of the RRA to registrars by TRA directly.

There are no restrictions regarding registrars having a business presence in Bahrain, albeit registrars will be reviewed by TRA on the following basis: registrars are only allowed to sell other TLDs that are in line with the morality clauses of .bh. Registrars that are deemed to sell unethical TLDs will be rejected.

Domain Lifecycles

What is the domain life cycle?

A domain name may be registered from 1 to 5 years. The life cycle for a domain reflects various stages during a registration and its expiration. From the initial creation of the domain name will transition through various events and have a different status on each part of this lifecycle.

The Bahrain Registry domain names follow standard gTLD lifecycle which is illustrated below:

What is the registration process?

  1. Find a registrar here
  2. Choose your domain name on the platform of the registrar
  3. Comply with TRA regulations and agree to the terms and conditions
  4. Pay the registrar the applicable fee for your domain name
  5. Your new domain name can now be managed

How long can I register a domain?

Domains may be registered in annual terms from 1 to 5 years. Generally, registrars will charge annual rather than monthly fees.

What is the payment process?

This depends on your registrar of choice and the registrar’s terms and conditions.

It is important that if you register a domain name for 1 year or more, that at the end of that term, if you wish to retain the domain name that you must “renew” your domain name in time with your registrar so that your domain does not get deleted and released to be registered again by another party.

How to renew a domain name?

Renewing your domain is a simple process between you and your registrar (the retailer that you purchased your domain from).

If you don’t know when your registration is due for renewal then you need to contact your registrar or do a WHOIS lookup here:

Please note, usually, you can renew your registration at any time before the expiry date.

What happens if a domain name expires?

When the fee for renewing the domain is not paid for the domain will transition to the status pendingDelete where it’s no longer working (See also the domain lifecycle).  After 45 days your domain name will be released to the public again where anyone can register your domain.

Can I assign the domain name I registered to someone else?

It is possible to change registrant details or assign the domain name to another person or entity provided always that the new registrant meets any eligibility criteria, agrees to comply with the regulations and provides full accurate and complete contact details. Your registrar can help you with this process.

Can I change my registrar?

If you have a domain name with one registrar and you wish to move to another registrar this is possible. This change is called a registrar transfer. See FAQ section (“Registrar transfer“).

How can a domain be transferred?

There are 2 types of transfer for a domain:

  • registrar transfer: See FAQ section (“Registrar transfer“).
  • registrant transfer: See FAQ section (“Registrant transfer“).

See each section below for an answer.

Registrar transfer

If you want to change reseller for your domain name (registrar) the process is shown below:

StepsLosing RegistrarRegistrant (customer)Gaining RegistrarBahrain Registry
1Contacts Gaining Registrar
2Gives Registrant Auth CodeRegistrant unlocks the domain receives Auth Code by logging in or contact support
3Gaining Registrar sends email to Registrant to authenticate the request giving Code to Registrant (Standard Authorisation Form)
4Registrant confirms the transfer with the code and the Auth Code from the Losing Registrar or clicks the link within the Standard Authorisation Form
5Gaining Registrar sends a notification to Registry (or to Losing Registrar) Starts 5 day notice period
6Losing Registrar confirms or denies the request, or takes no action.
7Registrant confirms the request with Losing Registrar
8Losing Registrar releases domain name to Gaining Registrar or takes no action
9If the Losing Registrar does not release the name, the Registry System releases name to Registrar
10A Transfer Success Notice is sent to Registrant
11The customer has successfully transferred the domain

Registrant transfer

By using the Registrar transfer process the ownership for the domain can be transferred from 1 party to another party. This is controlled by giving the authCode to the receiving party. In every case the new registrant must meet all eligibility criteria that may apply to the domain name and comply with the domain name regulations.

What is an auth code?

An AuthInfo code is a code composed of lower and up case letters, digits and special characters with a minimum length of 16 characters that is used to transfer a domain name from one registrar to another.

How to update contact details?

This can be managed and updated with the Registrar of record.

Can the address of the Registrar serve as a delivery address for the user if the registrant does not have a delivery address in Bahrain?

No. All registrants must supply their own contact information which must be true, complete and accurate.

How will domain statuses changes in the new system?

As this is a new system there will be no change. However gTLD lifecycle will be followed.

How to create custom IDs for users?

On the Bahrain Registry platform, the registrar can choose ROIDs within some limits and with respect to the uniqueness of the registry system.

When to manually change the AuthInfo code?

In normal circumstances, there is no need for this. However, if you receive a domain after a transfer you can change the AuthInfo code.

Launch Phases


Sunrise will be a trademark sunrise period lasting at least ninety (90) days, comprising a minimum of a thirty (30) day Advertisement notice period followed by sixty (60) days of an end date Sunrise. Sunrise and Grandfathering phases (applicable to البحرين.) will overlap in time.


All existing legacy .bh and subdomain domain names currently allocated will be offered the opportunity as pre-qualified customers to have their matching البحرين. names in Arabic language.

This registration model is known as “grandfathering” and its objective is primarily to provide legacy customers with a priority registration period where they have exclusive access to their matching names in the Arabic IDN version. During the grandfathering phase .bh domain holders may submit an application for their matching IDN. The requested domain will remain in a pending create status until it is verified for eligibility and accuracy of Arabic translation.

The application window will be open for a period of six (6) months which may coincide with the Sunrise phase or be ongoing as announced by the Bahrain Registry. At the conclusion of the Grandfathering phase any names which have not been claimed shall be released for general availability unless reserved by the TRA in its sole discretion.

Kingdom of Bahrain General Availability

The Local Bahrain Priority General Availability Phase commences after sunrise/grandfathering phase. It shall have a duration of four (4) months with allocation of qualified names on a first come, first serve basis strictly provided the registrant applicant (whether a business, entity, individual, organization) is located or resides in Bahrain. This is to give priority to Kingdom of Bahrain residents and local businesses and organizations over any international registration.

It is the responsibility of the Registrar to verify and ensure that only Bahrain entities, organizations and residents apply for and register names during this period. Documentation may be requested for proof of residency or qualification to participate during this phase but it is not mandatory. Information requested will not be submitted to the Registry unless specifically requested to comply with spot checks or to investigate complaints.

Eligibility restrictions and local nexus restrictions will always apply to the following extensions:

com.bhBusinesses (globally)
net.bhTelecommunications and information technology service providers registered in Bahrain
info.bhInformation provision services in Bahrain
edu.bhEducational institutes operating in Bahrain
biz.bhBusinesses registered in Bahrain
org.bhOrganizations licensed in Bahrain
cc.bhBusinesses registered in Bahrain, me.bhNatural persons (citizens or residents) in Bahrain

The Bahrain Registry reserves the right to reject after registration any domain name which provides false information or does not have a registrant residing in Bahrain or company with an office address in Bahrain where local presence requirements exist.

International General Availability (GA)

General Availability is an allocation of domain names on a first come, first serve basis.

.bh and البحرين. can be registered by registrants globally and no restrictions apply.