.bh & البحرين. (.albahrain) Sunrise starts 3rd November 2021!

29 September 2021

We are pleased to share the launch schedule for Bahrain’s national domain .bh and البحرين. (.albahrain). The roll out of these TLDs will offer priority to existing .bh owners and trademark holders, before becoming available to the general public. Read on for more details about the launch schedule:

.bh and البحرين. (.albahrain) Launch Schedule

Sunrise for

3rd November 2021 to
2nd January 2022

Launch of

3rd November 2021 to
3rd May 2022


2nd January 2022 to
3rd May 2022


3rd May 2022

  • Grandfathering: Existing .bh, .com.bh, .net.bh, etc. domain holders will have the opportunity to claim their matching names in البحرين. (.albahrain). Existing registrants may submit an application for a البحرين. (.albahrain) and will be required to provide their corresponding .bh domain (or .com.bh, .net.bh, etc.) in the verification portal
  • Sunrise: Trademark holders can secure their matching domains and protect their marks before the TLD opens to the general public
  • Local General Availability: First-come, first served registrations – only open to registrants located in Bahrain. Proof of residency may be requested but it is not mandatory
  • International General Availability (GA): .bh and البحرين. can be registered on a first come, first served basis by anyone across the globe, without any restrictions

.biz.bh, .edu.bh, .med.bh, .org.bh, and .cc.bh can be registered by registrants in Bahrain only. Individual eligibility restrictions will apply.

Start offering .bh and البحرين. today.

Not yet a Registrar for .bh?

The .bh registry offers best domain name registration services for the .bh namespace with updated policies, pricing and technical implementation. CentralNic’s state of the art technology will be the backend for .bh. CentralNic will allow registrars to register, renew and manage .bh domain names and other products directly via an online portal or API.

If you wish to become a registrar for .bh, please feel free to reach out to registrar@domains.bh who will provide you with the policies, RRA and other necessary documentation for review.